The Immunization Clinic

Necessary information when on vacation regarding immunization

Croatia, Split- Dalmatian County, Split, Public Health Institute

Within the Immunization Clinic and in accordance with the epidemiological indications, our specialists of epidemiology are responsible for vaccination implementation, thus providing protection against:

– Cholera

– Tetanus (separately or in combination with diphteria – Td shot)

– Diphteria (separately or in combination with Tetanus)

– Hepatitis A (separately or in combination with Hepatitis B vaccine)

– Hepatitis B (separately or in combination with Hepatitis A vaccine)

– Yellow fever

– Typhoid fever

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE)

– Rubella

– Mumps

– Meningococcal diseases

– Pneumococcal diseases

– Poliomyelitis (Polio)

– Varicella

– Smallpox

The Immunization Clinic professionals can provide you with information on malaria prevention strategies and recommended prophylactic antimalarial drugs as well as with information on the most common diseases and health disorders affecting travellers visiting certain countries, thus posing potential health risk for them. The specialists of epidemiology carry out immunization of specific groups such as seafarers, passengers, military personnel etc.

Antirabies vaccination in accordance with the epidemiological indications and in collaboration with the authorized veterinary service as well as medical check-ups aiming to provide rabies prevention and control are also administered by specialists of epidemiology.

The certificate of vaccination, commonly known as the “Yellow Card” can be obtained at the Immunization Clinic.

Epidemiology Clinic: 021/ 401 110

Working hours of the Epidemiology Clinic: 7.30-15.30

Emergency standby: 15.30 – 7.30

Specialist of epidemiology: 091/ 151 2003


Katja Matešan, prof.

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